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The Sustainability Handbook, 2nd Edition:
                        William R. Blackburn Still the best blueprint for integrated sustainability management.
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Author: Jorgen Randers
Publisher: Chelsea Green
There will be a world with a future — just less beautiful and less harmonious than it could have been.

A Contract with the Earth
Author: Newt Gingrich and Terry Maple
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Forty years have passed since the spread of modern environmentalism around the world.  Now comes a heretical text, reconstructing history in a way that portrays environmentalists of the future as free-market entrepreneurs.  

Accounting for Sustainability
Author: Anthony Hopwood, Editor and et al
Publisher: Earthscan
Both a map and an exploration of the route ahead for integrated reporting.

Acting as if Tomorrow Matters
Author: John Dernbach
Publisher: Island Press
The author delivers a reliable blueprint for moving forward.  Or wait!  No, he doesn’t.

Agenda 21
Author: Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke
Publisher: Threshold Editions (Div. of Simon & Schuster)
You decide: this has all the ingredients for a dystopian society; or it is a blueprint for survival on Earth.

Agenda for a Sustainable America
Author: John Dernbach, Editor
Publisher: Island Press
This volume is the only attempt not associated with a governmental body to assess US sustainable development efforts comprehensively.  What a blessing.

An Inconvenient Truth
Author: Al Gore
Publisher: Rodale
Al Gore's take on climate change is the prettiest picture book ever published about an ecological disaster.

Bankrupting Nature
Author: Anders Wijkman and Johan Rockström
Publisher: Routledge
Stop eating juicy steaks and begin to sacrifice some of your material wealth to give to the poor.  The survival of humanity depends on it.

Beyond Compliance: Business Decision Making and the US EPA's Performance Track Program
Author: Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash
Publisher: Harvard University
The scholars are tough analysts.  Theirs is a sort of one-thumb-up endorsement of innovative regulatory programs.

Breath of Fresh Air: Reviving the New Source Review Program
Author: Don Kettl, Project Panel Chair
Publisher: National Academy of Public Administration
The most important legislative tool for protecting air quality in the United States does not work, according to a report commissioned by the US Congress.  The problem is documented; the solution is given.

Capitalism As If the World Matters
Author: Jonathon Porritt
Publisher: Earthscan
Capitalism must be transformed, and the only coherent set of principles left around is sustainable development.

Capitalism at the Crossroads
Author: Stuart Hart
Publisher: Wharton School Publishing
Sustainable business professor Stuart Hart advises multinational corporations on how to sell to the poor and save the world at the same time.

Carbon Markets
Author: Arnaud Brohé and et al
Publisher: Earthscan
The authors point out every detail of the various carbon trading programs being cooked up in the far corners of the world.

Challenging Consumption
Author: Edited by Anna R. Davies and et. al.
Publisher: Routledge
Research in Ireland concludes that government must play a central role in changing people's behavior. 

Changing Business from the Inside Out
Author: Timothy J. Mohin
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler
Practical advice for a job hunter seeking employment in corporate responsibility, either in the specific department assigned to the task or anywhere else within the company with a role in promoting sustainability.

Clear Advantage: Building Shareholder Value
Author: Jim Thomas and John Harris
Publisher: Global Environmental Management Initiative
Like a set of crib notes for college students, the manual gives managers all the information they need to build a case within their companies that environmental, health, and safety performance is linked to shareholder value.

Climate Policy Framework: Balancing Policy and Politics
Author: John Riggs, Editor
Publisher: Aspen Institute
If Congress and the White House ever get serious about action on climate change, run don't walk to get this report and read it. 

Community Development Toolkit
Publisher: ICMM
A new toolkit contains 17 community development how-to guides in five categories. 

Confessions of a Radical Industrialist
Author: Ray Anderson and Robin White
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
“... we aren't just making carpets.  We 're making history.”

Conservation & Biodiversity Banking
Author: Nathaniel Carroll and et. al.
Publisher: Earthscan
Having a difficult environmental issue explained thoroughly and honestly is a pleasure that should not be taken for granted anymore.

Corporate Impact
Author: Adrian Henriques
Publisher: Earthscan
A coherent, theoretical framework is proposed in an attempt to understand, measure, and assess the social impact of companies.

Creating a Sustainable Organization
Author: Peter Soyka
Publisher: FT Press
If books were clothes, this one would be a three-piece suit.  The advice is a custom fit for the C-suite. 

Dams and Development: A New Framework for Decision-Making
Author: World Commission on Dams
Publisher: Earthscan
The social and environmental costs of dams have been unacceptable and unnecessary in too many cases.  A new approach called "rights and risks" is laid out so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Design for Environment: A Guide to Sustainabile Product Development
Author: Joseph Fiksel
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Not a how-to manual in any sense, but a complete discourse on green product development.

Doing Business in a New Climate
Author: Paul Lingl and Deborah Carlson
Publisher: Earthscan
This slip of a book has a lot going for it.

Effective Risk Communication
Author: Edited by Joseph Arvai and Loui Rivers III
Publisher: Routledge
As important as this book may be to improve the science of risk communication, which the editors believe is sorely needed,  environmental, health, and safety managers stand to benefit immeasurably from it.

Energy Security
Author: Sascha Müller-Kraenner
Publisher: Earthscan
What energy security means to Europe and how to achieve it.

Environment: Why Read the Classics
Author: Sofia Guedes Vaz, editor
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
Reverential essayists revisit and reinterpret six canons of environmentalism — books that changed the way humanity understands and relates to nature.

Environmental Debt
Author: Amy Larkin
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Ecological costs must factor in all our purchases and investments.

Environmental Entrepreneurship
Author: Laura E. Huggins
Publisher: Edward Elger
The resource management strategy is predictated on the view “ if it doesn’t pay, it doesn’t stay.”

Environmental Ethics. An Introduction and Learning Guide
Author: Kees Vromans and et. al.
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
The teaching manual contains step-by-step lessons for making rational tradeoffs to justfy decisions on the job.

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Goods and Services
Author: Chris Hendrickson and Lester Lave
Publisher: Resources for the Future Press
The book is an explanation and practice manual for the economic input-output (EIO) lifecycle assessment (LCA) method developed over a period of 10 years by student researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University's Green Design Institute. 

Environmental Policy Integration in Practice
Author: Måns Nilsson and Katarina Eckerberg
Publisher: Earthscan
If environmental policy integration does not work in Sweden, it will not work anywhere.  Fortunately, it works.  Unfortunately, not completely.

Environmental Protection and the Social Responsibility of Firms
Author: Bruce Hay and Robert Stavins
Publisher: RFF Press
Do firms have moral and social responsibilites to voluntarily commit resources to environmental protection? Academics try to answer this and related questions about business behavior in a frustrating and occasionally irritating give-and-take. 

Essential Requirements for Packaging in Europe
Publisher: European Organization for Packaging and the Environment
The guide provides step-by-step instructions for conformity to CEN packaging standards.  Adherence to the standards is an automatic assumption that the essential requirements of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC) have been met.

Flourishing. A Frank Conversation About Sustainability
Author: John R. Ehrenfeld and Andrew J. Hoffman
Publisher: Stanford University Press
A conversation between professors — teacher and student — produces the mentor’s manifesto on sustainability, culture, and consumption.

Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Author: CK Prahalad
Publisher: Wharton School Publishing
You have been taught to believe that consumerism destroys societies, degrades the environment, and manipulates people. Wrong on all counts. The poorest of the poor get the respect, self-esteem, and fair treatment they deserve when the private sector profits by treating them as consumers.

Frontiers in Ecological Economic Theory and Application
Author: Jon D. Erickson and John M. Gowdy
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Economists, scientists, students, and researchers present ideas about redefining progress away from growth and toward development.

Gadgets and Gigawatts
Author: Mark Ellis and Nigel Jollands
Publisher: International Energy Agency
Opportunities are examined to save electricity from residential appliances and communications technologies, and consumer electronic devices.

Good Derivatives
Author: Richard Sandor
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Those who read this autobiography and still cheer for emissions trading must be as gullible as a toddler, as greedy as a politician, or as kooky as an economist.

Governance and Sustainability
Author: Edited by Ulrich Petschow and et. al.
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
Critics of the UN conferences on sustainability will have far wiser opinions to offer if they read this book.

Green Recovery
Author: Andrew Winston
Publisher: Harvard Business Press
If you need this little book, you really are in big trouble.

Green to Gold
Author: Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston
Publisher: Yale University Press
The authors commit none of the sins that sink most other environmental management gurus into a green slime of biz cheerleading.

Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands
Author: Al Iannuzzi
Publisher: CRC Press
The book works as a presentation of the best approaches found so far by businesses to make products greener. So what if it does not begin to solve the problem of selling them as such.

Handbook of Globalization & Environmental Policy
Author: Frank Wijen, Kees Loeteman, and Jan Pieters
Publisher: Edward Elgar
Thankfully, the book does not have to be read in any particular sequence.  Those of you who do not read any of it, know that you are heading out to work each day with less understanding of the business landscape than you could have.

Handbook of Sustainability for the Food Sciences
Author: Rubén O. Morawicki
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Food engineers and students must get a copy of this book.  Many others can benefit from having one, too. 

Harnessing Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems
Author: Boaz Moselle and et. al.
Publisher: RFF Press
The widespread adoption of renewable generation poses enormously complicated challenges for electric power markets.  Fortunately, the editors and authors of this book sit in the area reserved for experts. 

Improving Business Environmental Performance: Corporate Incentives and Drivers in Decision Making
Author: Briony Webb and Jason Chilvers
Publisher: Defra
There is no excuse left for the green biz zealots and over-enthusiastic policy makers to pretend otherwise: why some businesses do more to reduce environmental impacts than they have to while others merely comply with the law is a great mystery.

In the Light of Humane Nature
Author: Arthur B. Weissman
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
An ecolabeler’s reflections on nature, the economy and environmental salvation.

Leveraging the Private Sector
Author: Cary Coglianese and Jennifer Nash
Publisher: RFF Press
If the polarized politics that paralyzed Washington for the past decade ever dissipate enough for Congress to agree on management-based approaches to environmental problems, this book could be the how-to manual.

Living within a Fair Share Ecological Footprint
Author: Editors Robert Vale and Brenda Vale
Publisher: Earthscan from Routledge
Everyone gets 1.7 gha.  That means you can drive or fly, but not do both.  And don't eat meat.

Market for Virtue
Author: David Vogel
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
There is a business case for corporate social responsibility, but it is much less important or influential than many proponents of civil regulation believe.  CSR is a niche not a general strategy.

Mobility 2030: Meeting the Challenges to Sustainability
Author: World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Publisher: World Business Council for Sustainable Development
Even if government and society at large pitch in to help the automobile and truck manufacturers do the right thing, chances are that personal mobility will not become truly sustainable in the foreseeable future.

New Horizons in Research on Sustainable Organisations
Author: Mark Starik and Sanjay Sharma
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
The first book in a series bridges the gap between the perspectives of  academics and practitioners about what a sustainable organization is or might be.

New Progressive Agenda for Public Health and the Environment
Author: Edited by Christopher Schroeder and Rena Steinzor
Publisher: Carolina Academic Press
The book is a collective effort of professors and scholars who are members of the left-leaning Center for Progressive Regulation.  It should be called "The Old Liberal Agenda."   That is not meant as a criticism. 

Next Sustainability Wave
Author: Bob Willard
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Bob Willard's first book contained a practical accounting method to quantify the financial case for corporate sustainability. In the final chapter, the career veteran of IBM Canada wondered, "If the business case is so good, why are smart executives not taking advantage of it?" This sequel tries to answer the question by examining the motives of companies that get the message.

One Report
Author: Robert Eccles and Michael Krzus
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Regardless of how convincingly — or not — the authors make the case, integrated reporting appears to be inescapable.  This is a game plan for how it will be done.

Only One Earth
Author: Felix Dodds and Michael Strauss
Publisher: Routledge
You decide: this is a blueprint for survival on Earth, or the ingredients for a dystopian society.

Painting the White House Green
Author: Edited by Randall Lutter and Jason Shogren
Publisher: Resources for the Future Press
Eight US economists present various arguments in support of giving academicians such as themselves — and the results of cost-benefit analyses — more influence over environmental policy decisions in Washington.

Planetary Economics
Author: Michael Grubb and contributors
Publisher: Routledge
Sustainable economic wealth does not depend alone on setting a carbon price. The situation is far more complicated than that.

Post-2020 Climate Change Regime Formation
Author: Edited by Suh-Yong Chung
Publisher: Routledge
The UN’s Westphalian approach to climate policy based on the autonomy of nation states must be completely reversed.  The situation calls for a bottom-up  framework predicated on low-carbon development.

Poverty and Biodiversity Conservation
Author: Edited by Dilys Roe and Joanna Elliott
Publisher: Earthscan
A definitive compilation of readings on the complex relationships and links between poverty reduction and the protection of biodiversity.

Principles of Sustainability
Author: Simon Dresner
Publisher: Earthscan
It's socialism but with harder problems and fewer solutions.

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. A Sustainability Perspective
Author: Thomas E. Johnsen and et. al.
Publisher: Routledge
Environmental managers can benefit immeasurably from exposure to supply chain management theory and strategy — and how these are evolving in international commerce. 

Reality Check
Author: Richard Morgenstern and William Pizer
Publisher: RFF Press
Spoiler alert!  Do not read this review if you are paid to compose corporate press releases, or run an online business to republish others’, or just delight in reading plugs for voluntary green biz initiatives.

Reason in a Dark Time
Author: Dale Jamieson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Climate change challenges our capacity to live meaningfully in the Anthropocene era.

Responsible Leadership
Author: Mark Moody-Stuart
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
The most revealing insights and experiences on sustainability ever to come from a corporate executive.

Smart Alliance
Author: Gary Taylor and Pat Scharlin
Publisher: Yale University Press
A tale of redemption — the transformation of Chiquita Brands from a corporate sinner into a sustainability crusader.

Sophisticated Sabotage: The Intellectual Games Used To Subvert Responsible Regulation
Author: Thomas McGarity and Sidney Shapiro
Publisher: Environmental Law Institute
Why gamble on the black art of cost-benefit analysis or toy with the mendacious mindset that peddles "sound science"? There are better games in town.

Straight Up
Author: Joseph Romm
Publisher: Island Press
An ultra-partisan diatribe against climate-change deniers — Republicans, mainly, and the clueless “status quo” media.

Strategic Sustainability
Author: Robert Sroufe and Joseph Sarkis
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
The collection of scholarly papers is proof that ISO 14001 can do more for the academic profession than for the environment.

Strategies for the Green Economy
Author: Joel Makower and Cara Pike
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
All-purpose business consultants and motivational speakers are elbowing onto the scene from every direction.  Some have more to offer than others.

Sustainability Advantage
Author: Bob Willard
Publisher: New Society Publishers
How to determine the business case for sustainable development in dollars.

Sustainable Business
Author: Edited by Geoffrey Wells
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Business management researchers from the University of South Australia offer theories and look at practices that could make businesses sustainable.

Sustainable Champions
Author: Fu Jia and et al
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
Review in progress. Check back soon.

Sustainable Economics
Author: Keith Skene and Alan Murray
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
We need a sustainable transition not sustainable development.

Sustainable Excellence
Author: Aron Cramer and Zachary Karabell
Publisher: Rodale
A well-versed indoctrination to the belief that business should be taking a more strategic view of sustainability.

Sustainable Frontiers
Author: Wayne Visser
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
A worthy read until today’s frontier becomes tomorrow’s backwater.

Sustainable Investing
Author: Cary Krosinsky and Nick Robins
Publisher: Earthscan
The challenge for sustainable investing is not to become like today’s mainstream but to replace it.

Sustainable Luxury
Author: Edited by Miguel Angel Gardetti and Ana Laura Torres
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
The contributions showcase the luxury goods market by examining its profile, warts and all, in the unflinching light of corporate social responsibility.

The Biobased Economy
Author: Edited by Has Langeveld and et al
Publisher: Earthscan
It may be optimistic to expect everyone to read a book like this, but the debate would be more civilized and the marriage of technologies and policies would be happier if they did. 

The Bridge at the Edge of the World
Author: James Gustave Speth
Publisher: Yale University Press
Coming from such an eminent leader of the 20th century environmental movement, the propositions for change are disappointing and rather embarrassing.

The Business Guide to Sustainability
Author: Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard
Publisher: Earthscan
All-purpose business consultants and motivational speakers are elbowing onto the scene from every direction.  Some have more to offer than others.

The Climate Casino
Author: William Nordhaus
Publisher: Yale University Press
We will get nowhere unless we raise the price of carbon.  Here’s why, by how much, and when. 

The Green Collar Economy
Author: Van Jones
Publisher: HarperOne
Can mixing social reform with climate policy be a good idea?

The Justices and Injustices of Ecosystem Services
Author: Edited by Thomas Sikor
Publisher: Routledge
The gains made on some distributive matters just might be offset by losses of other needs, aspirations, and experiencies of marginalized people.

The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism
Author: Steve Goreham
Publisher: New Lenox Books
"Mad, Mad, Mad" borrows the title of the uproarious, star-studded 1963 comedy film. But this book is not a joke.

The Myth of Resource Efficiency
Author: John Polimeni and et al
Publisher: Earthscan
Amory Lovins is not the only one of us who should be shaking in his pants.

The Necessary Revolution
Author: Peter Senge and et al
Publisher: Doubleday
All-purpose business consultants and motivational speakers are elbowing onto the scene from every direction.  Some have more to offer than others.

The New Rules of Green Marketing
Author: Jacquelyn Ottman
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
How to create greener products and sell them credibly.

The New Sustainability Advantage
Author: Bob Willard
Publisher: New Society Publishers
If the numbers don’t lie, companies can increase profits by up to 81%, and probably by much more.

The Politics of Carbon Markets
Author: Edited by Benjamin Stephan and Richard Lane
Publisher: Routledge
How carbon markets came to have zombie status, being essentially unkillable.

The Power of Sustainable Thinking
Author: Bob Doppelt
Publisher: Earthscan
This book goes to show that the “can-do” mentality is an inspiration for people of every persuasion and just might help save the world. 

The Quest for Sustainable Business
Author: Wayne Visser
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
As with all road stories, the meaning is not found at the destination but in the act of getting there. 

The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment
Author: Edited by Tessa Hebb and et al
Publisher: Routledge
This tome weighs in at four pounds.  The content more than carries the load.

The Sustainability Champion's Guidebook
Author: Bob Willard
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Better than “The One Minute Manager,” which sold 13 million copies.

The Sustainability Handbook
Author: William Blackburn
Publisher: Environmental Law Institute
Bill Blackburn has written a field manual for business leaders who want to make social and economic responsibility, and environmental protection part of everyday decisions in their companies.

The Sustainability Handbook. 2nd Edition
Author: William Blackburn
Publisher: Environmental Law Institute
The comprehensive approach to an integrated operating system is still the blueprint of choice for the management of sustainability in organizations of all kinds.

The Sustainability Transformation
Author: Alan AtKisson
Publisher: Earthscan
An accidental memoir about the sustainability movement.

The Three Secrets of Green Business
Author: Gareth Kane
Publisher: Earthscan
Can 37 words explain how to make a business green?

The Top 50 Sustainability Books
Author: Wayne Visser
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
One would expect “The Top 50 Sustainability Books” to fit the standard mold of lists of bests, like the favorite 100 songs of the 20th century or the 10 scariest movies of all time.  In superficial respects, it does. 

The Triple Bottom Line
Author: Andrew Savitz and Karl Weber
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
How to find the sweet spot where corporate profits and the public good intersect.

Thermodynamics and the Destruction of Resources
Author: Bhavik Bakshi and et. al.
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Many criteria must be used to evaluate the sustainability of the ecosphere.  In this context, thermodynamics provides the right tools for an aggregate assessment of the loss of availability of resources.

This Changes Everything
Author: Naomi Klein
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
A mythological tale about colonialism, capitalism, and climate change.

Voluntary Carbon Markets (2nd Edition)
Author: Ricardo Bayon and et. al.
Publisher: Earthscan
The slender book lifts the heavy veil that shrouds gourmet carbon.

Voluntary Environmental Agreements
Author: Patrick ten Brink
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
A good option, but beware the ineffective and the inequitable.

Walking the Talk
Author: Charles O. Holliday, Jr., Stephan Schmidheiny, and Philip Watts
Publisher: Greenleaf Publishing
An unabashed defense of globalization and the corporation's central role in improving the environment.

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